Join a Startup for Marketers/Growth Hackers (Organized by Sting)
In 1 evening, 2 hours you'll have the opportunity to meet 20 startups expanding their team in growth hacking, marketing and sales.
1) Join a Startup is a recruitment matchmaking mingle where selected marketers/growth hackers will have the opportunity to interact and mingle with founders of startups that are looking for you.

2) In 2 hours, you can meet 20 fast-growing startups who are interested in expanding their team with marketers, growth hackers and sales.

3) The roles are everything from entry level positions to CMO, Head of Growth and co-founder.

4) The event is on 26th April at 17 00 at SUP46, Regeringsgatan 65 (3rd Floor). The event is a selection-only event where you have to apply with the following form to get selected.

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As a part of catalysing efficient matchmaking, the startups will receive the list of attendees and the competencies they are offering. Should you not be visible in that material please indicate so below.
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